Welcome to the North

Welcome to the North

Welcome to North of North – a members only, curated platform for the gentleman. Our goal is to inspire, engage and enable a more active, adventurous life via the delivery of original content, bespoke adventures and the supply of high quality, practical goods.

At North of North we believe in pioneering creative adventure. We are inspired by the concept of a life well lived, and are driven in our quest to support the modern day renaissance man. We encourage likeminded individuals to step out from behind their desks and back into the world to start living, exploring, learning, experiencing and connecting with each other, one weekend at a time.

We’re hoping for big things, and look forward to seeing you out there.


Author Matthew Rose

North of North founder, wanna be boat builder, sailor, surfer and occasional gentleman. When not working in the advertising industry you can find Matt planning his next adventure or leaning against a bar, Negroni in hand.

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